Boozhoo Anii / Welcome


My chosen name is Skyler and I am two spirit indigenous person. Since I would gather inspiration from various inputs I try to experiment with different styles and sketches and as well as try to see if I could try and incorporate my own traditions into art.
Since improving we have been slowly seeing more ways that art can present itself as well as try and hone our art style. While it had been difficult in the beginning with residual trauma interfering with our thought processing, after getting a better handle on it, it has slowly showed the other forms of art that can still be created.



Karma Ink

karma ink logo of a black line separating a backwards  gold k and a forwards gold k

This branding was created for a pseudo tattoo parlor company after a burst of inspiration. The company logo was inspired by both butterflies and mirrors for their symmetry and reflection.

dark gold colored leather background with karma ink's branding stationary floating in a layout over the leather

Homebound Spirits

homebound spirits logo of blue hands holding a mound of land with three trees growing from the center of the hands with company name below

This company was created when challenged to create a mock retailers branding. Thus a Native retail store that connects people to their culture while away from home.

blue colored leather background with homebound spirit's branding stationary floating in a layout over the leather

Oracle Eye Café

oracle eye cafe logo with decorative eye above the text

The inspiration for the company came when we were making a color palette to use for a drawing theme we were going to be working on. With the idea of ‘pastel space’ we started to create the branding to make it a pastel space themed café.

oracle eye cafe stationary layout over purple leather background

Little North Real Estate

lil north real estate logo with northernstar image motif

This companies branding was created when we were challenged to create a niche real estate company’s branding. With tiny houses coming out more frequently, it wouldn’t be long till real estate companies start focusing on the more niche market and the clientele.

tan colored leather background with little north real estate's branding stationary floating in a layout over the leather


Chateau de la Bean

chateau de la beans logo with a crown over a coffee bean line art

At the time of Chateau de la Bean’s creation we had decided at the time to work with a color scheme we rarely worked with. We wanted to challenge ourselves to see what else we could aside from the similar line of thought with another design we had been working on previously which had a darker color scheme.


Villian Co. Brewery

villain co logo in black with decorative line below the text

With fans and fandoms slowly spilling into other parts of our everyday life I was inspired by merch inspired products that would be related to a show similar to how hockey merchandise is marketed. This beer was created collectively between a popular detective show as well as the love of villains and similar characters.




Sticker Illustrations

As long as my memory serves, we had always been sketching and doing varying styles of illustrations along with other small interests. As we grew and became more at peace with our trauma we started to explore more and sketch more to help release some of the built up energy. Illustrations that we make vary from inspiration from traditional Ojibwe floral designs, to a more eccentric style of humanoid drawings as well as darker styles of drawing or color palettes.

purple leather background with several sticker designs floating over the background